Beginning Windsurfing

BEGINNERS: Learn to sail across the water turn around and sail back to the beach. All equipment included.
Class Lessons – $99/person for 2.5 hours – excellent if you enjoy a group-learning environment. Equipment included.

ADVANCED BEGINNERS: Learn more advanced turning and steering techniques. All equipment included.
Private Lessons – $198 for 2hours – best for those who want a one on one learning experience.

Advanced Windsurfing

WATERSTARTS: To enter the world of short board windsurfing the waterstart is essential.

SHORTBOARD EFFICIENCY: Beyond waterstarting and before the jibe there are many skills to be learned. Foot straps, harness use and getting on a plane to name a few.

JIBING: The downwind turn doesn’t have to be a mystery. We can unlock the secrets and teach you how it’s done. Whether you are trying it for the first time or you have struggled for a while – we can help you.

WAVE SAILING: Add some gravity to your sport and Experience the ultimate thrill windsurfing has to offer. Let us guide you onto your first wave.

Private Lessons – $99 per hour – Recommended for most short board teaching scenarios. (minimum 2 hours)

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